T-DOSE 2007 The After Match

  • Posted on: 16 October 2007
  • By: jpsaman

This year a rather small group of enthousiastic people gathered to divide the tasks. Milestones arrived and passed. The website got a makeover. Call for paper and articles were written and distributed, e-mails and pdf's sent to organisations that helped in setting T-DOSE 2007 on the calendar of many people.

Two days of technical and more genereal Open Source talks must be Utopia for technology minded people That is what we thought the first and also the second time while organizing T-DOSE. Thus a small group of people gathered to begin the immense tasks of organizing T-DOSE 2007. The website got a make over, call for paper was released and distributed. Articles written, many e-mails and PDF's sent. Several organisations helped in promoting our event by distributing the flyer. Thank you all !

Finally T-DOSE could commense, Saturday 13th October has arrived. Many Open Source projects requested a booth, sponsors put up their stand. Some even helped out to get the last details right. Some even went that far as setting up the wifi network. Thank you guys from WifiSoft !

No Open Source event is complete without a social event. Saturday night, 13th of October, all gathered and walked to the Greek in Eindhoven. Fifty in total entered the Greek for eating and drinking. Speaker, Open Source projects and normal visitors mingled and talked, laughed. The Social Event was a great success. Thank you all for a great evening !

We also like to thank the sponsors who gave us the finances needed to organize T-DOSE 2007. Without them a free event like this is not possible on any larger scale, then just caling a few friends. Even thought T-DOSE is a young and new event, the sponsors took the chance to help us out. Thank you very much, all of you !

Some reactions from attendees: