What is Bareos?

Bareos (Backup Archiving Recovery Open Sourced) is a cross-network Open Source backup solution which preserves, archives, and recovers data from all major operating systems.

The aim of the session is to give a short introduction into Bareos, what it can do and how it differs from other solutions. While taking backups, restoring data and providing continuous data availability sounds like a rather simple task, there are a lot of hurdles involved that different solutions approach in different ways. While Bareos' main functionality is to simply copy your data from one place to another and keeping track of what was put where, implementing that process in a real world enterprise is usually much more demanding. Starting with simple things like applications that have special requirements for a consistent backup, we will then also go into detail how Bareos can help you when you have super-strict firewall policies, need to adhere to business compliance rules, want to be prepared for ransomware threats, a rogue system's administrator or even your backup software vendor vanishing. On the way we may encounter mission-critical legacy systems that should have been replaced ten years ago, but still need to be backed up, of course. Finally, we take a look at what you might need when the tax inspector shows up and your data-center just burnt to the ground last night.

If time permits, we will also take a look at the new things in latest stable release and give an outlook on what the project is currently working on to make Bareos even better.

Andreas Rogge

I started using Linux in 1995 and still learn a new thing or two every day. Nowadays I'm a developer at Bareos GmbH & Co. KG where I improve Bareos and provide technical support to customers.