Workshop getting started with the editor ed

The editor ed is a so called line editor. The ed text editor was one of the first three key elements of the Unix operating system —assembler, editor, and shell— developed by Ken Thompson in August 1969.

Ed is part of the POSIX and Open Group standard, and is available on many Linux distributions, and on the different BSD operating systems.

Ed was developped at a time when there were no computer screens yet. Compared to modern editors, ed works a bit different. During the workshop, we are introduced to some basic operations, enough to get you started.

A laptop with ed installed is required.


The slides of this presentation are available here.

Matto Fransen

Matto is an FOSS enthousiast. He has been a member of the board of the Dutch Linux User Group (NLLGG) in the years 1997-2003. Also, for more than two decades he writes as a freelance writer for the Dutch Linux Magazine.