Thank you!

written by T-DOSE on 2023-04-24

It's over! Two days of technical open source interaction with great presentations, diverse project stands and great discussions in the hallways.

Many thanks to everyone who worked hard to make T-DOSE 2023 a success! A special thanks to the speakers and the stand owners who helped make this event. And of course also to the volunteers and our sponsors, who made everything possible. It was good to see a lot of familiar faces from the last time the event was organised - and also a lot of new faces of people who turned op for the first time. We welcome feedback about your experience at T-DOSE. Please use the contact form to provide your feedback to the organisers.

We have already started planning again for next year. There will be a T-DOSE 2024 and we hope to announce the date in a couple of weeks. However, we are still looking for people who can strengthen the core organisation team. Please let us know if you are willing to help us out with the organisation.